It’s almost time to bring Data Natives x VentureBeat Transform to life. As part of VB’s week-long flagship AI conference, Data Natives is hosting half a day of amazing, educational content this Friday.

VentureBeat Transform 2021 takes place between July 12-16, 2021, and we’ve already had two incredible days of knowledge, networking, and new opportunities. The event is hosted online and includes a stellar cast of speakers and an array of great networking rooms and side events, such as the Women in AI breakfast.

In addition to the amazing speakers we’ve already announced for the Data Natives segment of the event – which airs on Friday, July 16 – we’re proud to announce some of the other inspirational leaders you’ll hear from. And since no event is possible without our incredible partners, here’s our chance to shine a spotlight on their work.

In a fireside chat with our very own Elena Poughia, Whurley will discuss how quantum computing will forever change the technology landscape and, potentially, the balance of international power – but not without your involvement. Currently CEO at Strangeworks, Whurley (William Hurley) is an Eisenhower Fellow, a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Liaison for Strategic Partnerships for the Entrepreneurship Steering Committee at the IEEE, the first Ambassador to CERN and Society, founding partner of the CERN Entrepreneurship Student Programme (CESP), and co-founder of EQUALS; The Global Partnership for Gender Equality in the Digital Age.

Kaoutar Chennaf is trying to unravel the mysteries of the world and reach the ultimate truth. And how does she do that? Through the lens of a data scientist. A master student-researcher at TU Berlin, Kaoutar started her journey with philosophy, maths, and computer science, before taking on data analysis. Her goal? To unravel the meaning of life through decent coding and data analysis. She’ll be discussing how AI is in charge of decisions that impact people’s lives and decisions – and what is coming next – during an inspiring panel session at Data Natives x VentureBeat Transform.

Toby Walsh is a Professor of Artificial Intelligence at UNSW in Sydney, Australia. He was named a “rock star” of Australia’s digital revolution, a fellow at the Australian Academy of Science, and a fellow at the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence. He has won the Humboldt research award and the NSW Premier’s Prize for Excellence in Engineering and ICT. Toby has played a leading role at the UN and elsewhere on the campaign to ban killer robots, and he is the author of “2062: The World that AI Made”. Toby joins our panel on AI for the future, and we’re sure he’s going to deliver some incredible insights.

In addition to all our expert speakers, Data Natives x VentureBeat Transform couldn’t happen without our amazing partners.

Each of our Community Partners creates inclusive, educational, and supportive spaces for anyone interested in AI, data science, technology, and the startup community.

All in Tech has the vision to create 10,000 tech opportunities for women and people of color in the workplace by 2030. It envisions a world where everyone can create their own opportunities and not be impeded by lack of access.

Factory Berlin’s diverse community of members and partners collaborate to build the world of tomorrow. It is re-imagining collaboration by connecting people, ideas, and resources to impact our community, our surroundings, and the world, both online and through its campuses in Berlin and Hamburg.

AI Campus is a not-for-profit space where research, startups, and corporates come together and collaborate on artificial intelligence projects. It brings together leading universities, cutting-edge research centers, top tech and entrepreneurial talent, industry experts, and policymakers, both virtually and at its campus in Berlin.

Our Special Partners are just that – special. Their support and assistance ensure that both the Data Natives segment and the entire VentureBeat Transform week are brought to you with the highest quality, wherever you may attend from.

3pc was one of the very first web agencies in Germany and has been offering the best digital solutions for almost three decades. 3pc creates solutions for the digital age, combining strategy, design, technology, and communication in a holistic and user-centered approach. We are broadcasting throughout the week from its offices and studios in Berlin’s thriving creative hub, the district of Kreuzberg.

“AI will shape the future of the world. Therefore we are proud to stream VentureBeat Transform 2021 live from our studio in Berlin to the whole world,” Armin Berger, founder and CEO at 3pc.

Equally special is BiTHOUSE Group/UNITED17 Ventures, which gave immeasurable support to the event and helped us bring you this amazing content. Scouting and supporting the future leaders of society and those who have the skills to create inclusive opportunities for humankind wherever they scale due to their character, stamina, and passion for success, it is an innovation ecosystem of builders and connectors. Created by corporate and startup founders, BiTHOUSE Group/UNITED17 Ventures levels the playing field for all founders, adding an inclusive lens to its efforts and providing mentorship, advice, funding, and support.

“The utilization of AI is inevitable, therefore creating enterprise technology solutions that are inclusive is a must. We always focus on the ‘DNA’ of tech tools in order to ensure that innovative solutions benefit those who make up society. Unconscious bias is real. The goal of our initiative ‘Al Inclusionists’ is to dismantle systemic bias and support solutions that are representative of the world in which we live. After spending 17 years in San Francisco, focusing on diversity in tech, it is such a pleasure to now live in Berlin, align with 3pc to stream VentureBeat Transform 2021, and to partner with Dataconomy who is the host of such a great event,” Jewell Sparks, founder and CEO at BiTHOUSE Group/UNITED17 Ventures UG.

Thanks to all our incredible speakers and partners for their efforts in bringing you this program.

Access to the live stream will be free for the entire Transform World event (July 12-16), and Data Natives will be going live on July 16, delivering our brand of thoughtful and provoking content throughout the morning. You’ll also gain access to the Data Natives networking and Q&A space.

A VIP pass for the whole week is available, which access to the mainstage experience plus access to offstage speaker Q&A, private roundtables, and networking sessions. It also includes an annual VentureBeat Membership unlocking gated content, community spaces, extra events, and more. Use the code Datanatives21 for $100 off a VIP pass!

Register now, and we’ll see you at Data Natives x VentureBeat Transform 2021!