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Creating an SEO Strategy Around Customer Needs

A fully integrated SEO strategy will undoubtedly consist of a combination of on and off page tactics that will ultimately improve a given website’s page rank for a certain search term. While SEO is done primarily to benefit the website and business owner it sometimes helps to shift the perspective to the prospects that are conducting the searches. By creating a content strategy based around the needs of your customers you’ll be able to target the right keywords and attract traffic that’s more likely to convert into sales.

Going beyond the keywords

Of course all content marketing done for SEO purposes is based on the idea of providing the content that the prospect is in fact looking for. However, creating content around the consumer’s needs rather than a generic search term implies a deeper level of customer satisfaction which is much more likely to result in a sale. For example: One company decides to target a specific keyword based on keyword research. In order to get more people to find their brand when people search for these keywords and phrases heaps of (well optimised) content is created – all containing in some way the all-important keyword. Naturally, the surge of content and the matching keywords is likely to push your website up in the SERPs (Search engine results pages), but what happens then? The alarming reality is that a lot of this hard earned traffic often goes to waste as high bounce rates reflect that people are clicking on but not necessarily staying on your website. So what can be done to address this issue?

The only way to remedy high bounce rates is to take a careful look at the content part of your brand’s content strategy. Content not only needs to be keyword rich, but value adding, relevant and sometimes entertaining pieces that will encourage the audience to linger longer and maybe make the first moves toward conversion.

Providing customer solutions

If every search term typed into Google is a problem or a question that needs answering – think of it as your brand’s job to first and foremost provide a solution to that problem. Not to promote or make a sale (that comes later after you have established a relationship through other channels such as email database marketing), but to see to it that the person conducting the search finds content that is relevant and helpful.

In order to create content that will not only get the clicks, but eventually the conversions, it is important to do some research that goes a tad beyond website analytics. While analytics tools are absolutely fundamental in creating SEO strategy, when it comes to the convergence of content and SEO it makes sense to think in both human as well as search engine crawler terms. Conducting surveys via your brands consumer email database or social media profile or even just regularly testing content strategies through your email newsletter – these are all excellent ways to gain more insight into the needs as well as the search terms of your consumers. By providing a solution as well as cool content, your brand can beat the bounce rates and see more consumers making a purchase in the end.

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