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How To Pretend You Are Actuallya Creating A Landing Page

How to creating a landing page? A landing page is the first page a visitor arrives at on your site after inputting a specific address or clicking a link in an email or at another site. At one time, the home page was the primary landing page for many online marketers. But as marketing on the internet has developed, landing pages designed specifically to have a visitor take a specific action, have become more popular.

Demystifying Creating A Landing Page

Create Landing Pages – Video Squeeze Pages For Free

You don’t have to go broke or dip into your reserves these days to create an outstanding landing page with video on it. As a matter of a fact you can create a landing page which includes a video squeeze capture box on it with no funds at all. The Internet communicating world is ever changing and don’t think that you can’t afford to keep up… You can. Many successful Internet Marketers communicate with their visitors using free resources.

When you get into the world of Internet marketing you will hear people talk about how vitally important it is to have a solid landing page. Just how to create a solid landing page can be a mystery to many new comers! There are so many shiny new offers out there that have “Grande Promises” of being the ultimate tool, to do the job. It can be very overwhelming. Well, get hooked on buying all these, and it isn’t long before you have expensive dust collecting Nic Nacs on your shelf. You can totally wipe your marketing budget out on these items and be no further ahead.

Until we get making a decent income from our business it can be best to start with the resources that are free. Sure they may be missing the odd bell and whistle, but they can be just as effective as the paid versions. You don’t always need that extra bell or whistle to start your success. Sometimes these bells and whistles, can be unnecessary, distracting, time consuming, gadgets that can keep you from doing productive work. creating a landing page

How to create an entire landing page?

There are ways to create an entire landing page with a video squeeze form on it that can capture contact information of visitors that is entirely free. It is hard to know exactly where all the free resources are and how to put them all together to make them an effective business solution. But, they are there and they are available to everyone.

As a matter of a fact there is a whole step-by-step process that is free and allows you to build an entire video squeeze page from scratch.


creating a landing page

Landing Squeeze and Sissy Pages – Oh My creating a landing page

Seth Godin, well known marketing expert, states that a web page can cause a visitor to take one of only five actions:

  1. Click and go to a different page
  2. Make a purchase
  3. Give permission for follow-up
  4. Tell a friend
  5. Learn something that may prompt the visitor to provide feedback

Squeeze page is the term frequently used to describe a landing page designed to capture a name and email address. On a traditional squeeze page, if you don’t take the action the web site owner wants you to take, you have no other option than to close the page.

In the past, more technically oriented visitors could check source code and figure out how to get around the squeeze page and find the pages behind it. As a result, many web site owners now encrypt the page so that there is no back door to sneak through.

A squeeze page that allows the visitor to go to another page without taking the action the web site owner wants them to take is called a sissy page. I’m not sure how this phrase came to represent this action. Merriam-Webster defines “sissy” as a timid or cowardly person. So I guess someone thinks you’re afraid to not let a visitor find out what you have to offer!

What is The intent of my landing page creating a landing page

The intent of my landing page is to get my visitors to request the special report. But if they decide they don’t want to, or they have already ordered the report, there is a big red button near the bottom of the page that says “Enter Site”. Guess that makes me a big sissy!

More online marketers are using landing pages to narrowly focus on their target audience and to prequalify their prospects. Landing pages are ideal for product or service launches because you only need to convey one message – there are no other distractions like there can be on other types of web pages.

From a marketer’s standpoint landing pages are a good time and budget investment. That’s because since you know this is the first page a visitor will see, you can confidently spend your time, energy and money on developing the page into one where the visitor will take the action you want.

This includes researching keywords, creating an attention grabbing headline and including graphics that support what you want your visitor to do. Single page web sites will continue to be popular as long as visitors continue to take the action their creators want.

creating a landing page

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