Covid-19 vaccines – the raging debate after Dr Susan Vosloo’s controversial video

Covid-19 vaccines – the raging debate after Dr Susan Vosloo’s controversial video

Last week, a video was uploaded to Bitchute in which Dr Susan Vosloo, South Africa’s first female heart surgeon, raised grave concerns about the safety of Covid-19 vaccines. Dr Vosloo also questioned the manner in which Covid-19 has been addressed, stating that ‘This disease is the first medical condition ever that is predominantly, I would say, ‘mismanaged’ not by knowledgeable people but by politicians, bureaucrats and academics. And it’s fueled by relentless scaremongering created by the media.’ The video received fierce pushback from the medical profession as being misinformation and a contributor to the increasing vaccine hesitancy in the country – which is already said to be a major roadblock to the vaccine rollout. Netcare has since distanced itself from Dr Vosloo, releasing a statement saying that ‘“The sentiments as expressed in the contents of the video are in complete contradiction to the unrelenting endeavours of Netcare, our clinical colleagues, healthcare workers and others to try and curb the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.” The video of Dr Vosloo together with the transcript of her presentation can be watched and read below. As a respected medical professional,  her views cannot be discredited or dismissed simply because they are controversial. However, in an attempt to present both sides of what has become a very intense Covid-19 vaccine debate, we have also included an email from a BizNews community member – a member of the medical profession – who disagrees with Dr Vosloo’s observations. In response to Dr Vosloo’s video, BizNews founder Alec Hogg interviewed Dr Shankara Chetty who has significant experience in managing Covid-19 patients in an outpatient setting. Excerpts from that interview are included herein. Throughout the pandemic, various experts and doctors have spoken out against the official Covid-19 narrative – at the risk of their reputations and their livelihoods. One such expert is Dr Vladimir Zelenko who has personally treated over 6000 Covid-19 patients, including former US President Donald Trump. A video of Dr Zelenko’s presentation to Israeli politicians and the Israeli Health Minister is also embedded in this article together with excerpts from his presentation. Across the board – when one takes the time to do a real deep dive into the research and findings, both written and otherwise, of experts – what is perhaps the most heart wrenching commonality is the conclusion that early treatment of Covid-19 is absolutely imperative to stand any chance of combating the infection in cases where an individual is at risk of severe disease from the virus. At BizNews, we choose to ‘never underestimate the intelligence of our audience, but never overestimate their knowledge.’ This article is accordingly not a reflection of BizNews’ stance on Covid-19 vaccines, but rather a continuation of providing a platform to contrasting views on a critically important subject. – Nadya Swart

Dr Susan Vosloo on Covid-19 and its low mortality rate:

I was asked to speak about the gene therapy that’s disguised as covid vaccinations and the question was ‘are they effective and are they safe?’ I think one of the views that really appealed to me is that the vaccine was not brought in for covid, but that covid was brought in for the vaccine. And once one realises that – there are many things that make more sense. 

Like Dr Kirsten said, this is not really a health issue. I think if one wants to put some perspective just for this country briefly; the expected usual deaths from flu annually is about 0.1% to 0.3% of the population. Now if we just consider our country that has a population of just over 60 million – the death rate so far is about 72,000 in about a year and a half. So if you calculate the deaths per thousand of the population or in terms of the total population – we are at 0.12% compared to the US that is at 0.18% nearly 0.19% and the whole world is at 0.05%. So for such a small number of potential deaths, there’s been huge implications for the normal and healthy society. 

If one compares with the Spanish flu that happened in 1918, more than 5% of the world population was killed – so this really pales into insignificance. But I think one has to acknowledge [it] as ongoing and if this was started as an artificial disease where there are people getting sick, there are people dying – I don’t think one can exclude the potential for more waves to come. And what astonishes one is that the waves are predicted and they predict when they come and predict when they go and one just wonders how that happens. 

Another new experience for us in health care, is that historically health issues have been managed by medical professionals – focusing on the sick and taking care of protecting vulnerable individuals. This disease is the first medical condition ever that is predominantly, I would say, ‘mismanaged’ not by knowledgeable people but by politicians, bureaucrats and academics. And it’s fueled by relentless scaremongering created by the media.  

On the suppression of early treatment modalities:

From the beginning, it was very clear that there was no interest whatsoever in treating patients and relieving suffering and preventing death. The vaccine was shown as the only potential saviour and the official advice was that this was a disease like the flu with a vascular component that was untreatable. The suggestion was made that people should just stay at home, do nothing until they are not able to breathe anymore and then seek help. 

That is far too late. Some well shown early treatment modalities have been suppressed – you know what they are. The one drug was connected with the previous American President. Fabricated and discredited scientific study followed that has been – in medical history quite embarrassingly – retracted by two of the biggest journals that exist. 

The other drug that some people refer to as ‘vitamin I’ has also been shown to be effective by many people treating these patients early and this has also been discredited continuously – even going so far `s to writing scientific papers where it is called ‘a right wing drug’ which is really hard to take seriously.

There’s been recent information that a very expensive new drug and a drug by the name of Remdesivir has been advised to be the only treatment for people in hospital and that was done despite the fact that it has had very little prior study and in the prior studies including this drug it’s been shown to have the worst outcome and that it had seriously toxic side effects. 

On the Covid-19 vaccines:

Now, if we come back to the vaccine; it’s currently really showing – maybe not so much here, but definitely in the US – that the risk of [the] vaccine is worse than the risk of the virus. Just to remind you that 0.1% to 0.3% of the population may die – it is far less than 1%. 1% in this country would be more than half a million people. 

One of the major shortcomings of this vaccine rollout is that people are not informed of the potential risks of this, they are also not informed that there are other effective treatments. The vaccine is rolled out in a very mandatory way, there’s no transparency, there’s a lot of undue pressure on society to comply with this. This is totally in breach of any legal requirement where one is obliged to get free and proper informed consent from anybody that is being vaccinated, and that information should include particularly the risk of such treatments. 

The composition of the vaccine is largely confidential. It’s like a trade secret. It’s not possible to share it with anyone – like the spice mixture of Kentucky Fried Chicken. But this is a treatment, it’s invasive for any person receiving it. The big companies have seriously bad track records and Moderna has never previously manufactured any drugs for medical use. 

On concerns surrounding the composition of the Covid-19 vaccines:

The new technology that is used by these vaccines also has risk that nobody has ever confirmed or shown or excluded. Messenger RNA that’s injected is programmed to stimulate one’s own cells to make what they call the spike protein. The spike protein is something that we’ve learned about over the last year and that is really the damaging part of the natural or unnatural disease. 

The damage is done at a microvascular level and there is no ‘off-switch’ for this. I think it’s important for people that are not familiar with this to know that this is not FDA approved. There is only Emergency Use Authorisation. Each participant that gets this treatment becomes part of a  big trial. There is absolutely no safety data. Being vaccinated does not prevent transmission, it does not prevent infection and it does not prevent death, although it claims that – if one does get sick – that your symptoms are reduced. 

I think, practically, [of] all the people I know; if they get sick, the first question I ask is, ‘When did you get the vaccine?’ And 100% of my friends that had it have been sick with varying degrees of symptoms. The known adverse events include death. There are severe neurological complications with paralysis and Bell’s palsy – which is like half the paralysis of one’s face. 

The thromboembolic events result as a result of the damage that’s done to vasculature at a microscopic level. And there are some gynaecological complaints – the worst of which is the potential of infertility in future. 

There is a concept that is called antibody dependent enhancement. That’s something that we’ve also become familiar with over the last year. This is when the antibodies that one manufactures do not actually block the infection of the virus, but instead increase its ability to infect cells. That has been learned from previously made vaccines for the swine flu that was suspended after 50 people died. RSV infection is a lung infection that one finds in small babies – a vaccine was developed for this. Initially it seemed quite safe, but once the children were exposed to the infection there was a significant mortality. 

I think there are serious concerns. One of the most serious concerns is the funding of government regulatory bodies by conflicted donors. Like charitable donors, foundations – and all these have links to Big Pharma. Why do people have the vaccines? People rationalise their reasons – they want to travel, they want to move freely. And so far it has not happened at all. 

Nobody travels, nobody moves freely, there are still mask mandates and social distancing whether you are vaccinated or not. There is concern that vaccination may speed up the formation of mutations and one would only see how that would play out as time passes. There’s been in the last few days a presentation by Robert Malone. He’s a physician and a scientist who’s been in the development of the mRNA technology and he’s expressed concern that as the antibody activity in especially the Pfizer vaccine – which is a lower dose vaccine – is waning, there is the suggestion that viral infections recur and that they seem to be more aggressive. 

On potential solutions:

The data that we considered a year ago as in a way conspiracies are really becoming reality. And someone like Dr Kirsten who studied it for many years probably was expecting it more than anybody else. For me it’s a total new revelation. I think the solution really lies with each individual. That one needs to say no or to at least be sure that you make a choice of actually wanting to undertake something realising the implications. It would be preferable if there’s not suppression of early treatment that can be very, very effective. 

What has been reassuring; in the last week I read a report in the Mail & Guardian that an independent survey done by Afrobarometer actually showed that 7 out of 10 of the 1600 people called in this research were not inclined to take the vaccine because they had little or no trust in the government’s ability to keep them safe. It will be very important that other donations to government regulatory bodies and private donations to scientific journals and research be stopped, but how this can be done if it’s already been so fixed for so many years is hard to say. 

I do like the solution of disobedience and dissent. I think it will be important to start functioning out of all these planned systems. And usually I like to end with a quote by Jim Rohn who said; “Let the views of others educate and inform you, but let your decisions be a product of your own conclusions.”

Email from a BizNews community member:

Dear Nadya

I listened to the whole 15 minute interview with Dr Vosloo. I am an Assistant Surgeon in the field of breast and reconstructive surgery, so I am not an expert. But listening to her sounded just like many of the other videos well-meaning friends have sent me – lots of claims and no facts to speak of. She makes some glaringly false statements, eg. The death rate from COVID is less than the flu. This is a blatant lie. The death rate from COVID is substantially higher than that from influenza. She also states that the vaccine is more harmful than the disease. This is appalling misinformation. Your chances of dying from the vaccine are absolutely minuscule, whereas your chances of dying of COVID disease are about 3% in South Africa. The rate of severe side-effects from the vaccinations are a tiny fraction of the rate of severe complications and death from getting the disease itself. She also says that people are not informed about vaccine complications – these potential complications and your risks have been widely publicized, and are easy to research. The problem is people ‘research’ through very poor sources, like the channel that aired Dr Vosloo’s video.

News 24 published a really good article by Professors Mendelson and Scriba in which they disproved, one by one, every statement Dr Vosloo made. I can’t do a better job than they do, so I would suggest you look at that.

Misinformation about vaccines is such a huge problem in this country, and elsewhere. As a medical practitioner working in several hospitals throughout this pandemic, I see the bodies being wheeled out daily and the exhaustion on my colleagues’ faces. Spreading this disinformation is a slap in the face of all health professionals. Biznews appears to have taken an antivax stance, in the name of giving everyone a voice. But this is a dangerous position that will cost many lives. For heaven’s sake, look at the science. Dr Vosloo certainly has not. She is an embarrassment to the Medical community.


Elizabeth Hart

Dr Shankara Chetty on Dr Vosloo’s video:

Dr Vosloo made a video the other day where she was admonished by Netcare and Discovery and the rest. She has a right to her opinion and it is absolutely based in science. Why would Netcare decide to have an opinion on it? They are just an administrator. Why would you want to criticise a health care medical professional on her opinion on health care? What right do you have? And Netcare has my article from a year ago – what have you done to help the people around you? Nothing. So I don’t see that there’s a lot of anonymous experts out there, there are a lot of people with agendas. 

This is new. No one’s been in a pandemic before. How do you justify yourself an expert when you haven’t seen a covid patient in your life or have attempted to treat anyone with covid? So all of these people pushing pens behind desks should keep it to themselves. The bottom line is – this needs a robust debate. We can’t have some person on TV, with no medical knowledge, criticising people and castrating their characters. That doesn’t fly. 

So, I mean, I’m getting messages every day from Discovery Health to tell me that I qualify for the vaccine. Who are you? Since when do you have the medical knowledge to tell me that I qualify for a vaccine? You’re telling that, you’re saying that to all my patients. The patient should come to me and I should make the choice whether the vaccine would be harmful to them or not. Not some administrator, not some medical aid. They’ve got hidden motives behind this. 

Dr Chetty on the Covid-19 vaccines:

Now, we’ve seen myocarditis in children. We’ve seen blood clots, we’ve seen neuropathies. Shouldn’t these have been put into patient leaflets to say, ‘Patients with heart conditions, patients with clotting problems, patients with neuropathies should not be given the vaccine.’ You know that these are the side effects. You should exclude that population. 

So your vaccine’s got so many side effects that you can only give it to absolutely healthy people. Everyone else should be excluded because they might be injured by it. So there is a far bigger game at play. This was something where I think society was primed for this. We were deliberately stifled in early treatment so that we could jig the numbers the way we wanted. We could create enough panic around the globe and we could sell a vaccine based on religion rather than any good scientific knowledge out there. 

If there is anyone out there who can show me that the vaccine is safe and effective, I’ll change my view. But until that point, I’d like them to talk of the science. I would expect [that with] my views on vaccines, [I’d] have my character attacked, but I actually don’t care – they can bring it on. 

Dr Chetty on his experience with Covid-19 in South Africa:

There’s a lot of lawyers around the country that have gotten in contact with me. There’s a lot of MP’s around the country that have gotten in contact with me. I know many patients [that are] injured and are dying from this vaccine. And hospitals refuse to admit it as a vaccine side effect, so this ain’t gonna last too long. At some point, people’s eyes are going to be open to the truth around it. So it’s unfortunate that we are faced with this situation. 

But the vaccine; all it’s done from my perspective as a doctor treating patients on the front line – [it] has complicated the entire management of covid. There is absolutely no benefit that I have seen from the vaccine and the benefits that they claim are only visible in statistics and cannot be attributable to a single patient and are clouded by their poor rollout of the vaccinations. 

Dr Chetty on natural immunity:

They vaccinated in the Eastern Cape, where there was a high herd immunity. Now you can’t claim that your J&J vaccine works that well – half those people had covid already and they didn’t need a vaccination in the first place. You want to bring out a vaccine passport, but you refuse to acknowledge natural immunity. Now, there are two ways to that immunity; through natural infection or through vaccine-induced immunity. 

So why don’t you bring out a test to test for immunity? Make it an immunity passport. Test for long-term immunity. And anyone that has immunity can throw their mask away and go back into society again… But no, we want to make a vaccine passport. These tests have been developed; T and B cell testing. They sit with the FDA and they refuse to acknowledge or authorise it. Two things. If you have a person recovered from infection test positive, then there’s no reason to vaccinate them. And this test might prove that your vaccine is wholly ineffective, so best not to authorise it and keep this narrative going. 

Dr Vladimir Zelenko on his experience treating Covid-19:

So I’ll just quickly give you my experience. My team has directly treated – successfully – 6000 patients. I’ve trained hundreds of physicians who are now training their students. And as a cumulative group, we have now treated millions of patients successfully. President Trump was my patient, Rudy Giuliani was my patient, the Health Minister of Israel was my patient… I’m just telling you which people have contacted me for care – including President Bolsonaro of Brazil. 

Now, my experience has given me a very unique perspective in approaching Covid-19, which is basically keeping people out of the hospital. Regarding children; the only reason you would want to treat a child is if you believe in child sacrifice. If you want to be the marker of children – it’s a very good reason to give them the shot. Otherwise, there’s no necessity.

Dr Zelenko on Covid-19 vaccination in children: 

Let me explain. Anytime you evaluate any therapeutic – you need to look at it from three perspectives: Is it safe? Does it work? And do you need it? Just because you have a capability, doesn’t mean that you have to use it. There has to be a medical necessity. There has to be a need for it. If you look at the CDC; the statistics for children under the age of 18 that are healthy – the survival rate is 99.998% – the survival rate with no treatment. 

Just like Dr Yeadon said, the influenza virus is more dangerous to children than Covid-19 and he made an estimate that per million – 100 children would die from the vaccination. I feel the number would be significantly higher and I’ll explain to you the rationale for it. 

If you have a demographic that has no risk of dying from an illness – why would you inject them with a poison death shot? Now, let’s see if this thing works. The two countries in the world that have most most vaccinated its citizens are Israel – with a high 85% rate of vaccination – and an island nation in the Indian Ocean called the Seychelles – also over 80% [vaccination]. 

Both countries are experiencing a delta variant outbreak. So, let me ask you a question: if you vaccinated the majority of your population – why are you still having an outbreak? That’s number one. Number two: why would you even get a third shot of the same stuff that didn’t work the first two times? That’s whether or not it works. 

Dr Zelenko on the safety of the Covid-19 vaccines:

Let’s talk about safety. Now this is the real issue. There are three levels of safety or death that we need to look at. One is acute, one is subacute and then long-term. Acute [will] I’ll define from the moment of injection until three months. The number one risk of the shot is blood clots, just like Dr Yeadon said. 

By the way, everything I’m saying I will defend with documentation and please don’t take my word for it. You should do your due diligence. I can provide proof for everything that I’m saying. 

According to the Salk Institute, when a person gets an injection of these ‘vaccines’ – quote unquote – the body becomes a spike producing factory making trillions of spikes which migrate to the endothelium which is the inner lining of your blood vessels – and it’s basically little thorns on the inside of your vascular tract. 

As the blood cells flow through it, they get damaged, they cause blood clots. If that happens in the heart, it’s a heart attack. If that happens in the brain, that’s a stroke. So we’re seeing the number one cause of death in the short term is from blood clots and most of it is happening within the first three, four days. 40% of it is happening within the first three days of injection of this poison death shot. 

Now, the other problem is that it’s causing myocarditis or inflammation in the hearts of children – in the hearts of young adults. And the third problem, which is the most disturbing, is according to the New England Journal of Medicine article – their preliminary data – [is] the miscarriage rate in the first trimester if a woman gets vaccinated in the first trimester [it] goes from 10% to 80%. 

I want you to understand what I just said. The miscarriage rate in the first trimester of pregnant women when they get vaccinated goes up by a factor of eight. That’s preliminary data, it may change with time – but I’m just telling you what it is as of today. 

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