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Clear Google Search History

Google is the most commonly used search engine by web surfers. When you type a search phrase in the search box of Google, you may have observed that a drop down list appears where all the previously searched terms are shown. It is a wrong notion to think that Google has saved these previous searches. Actually, your web browser has a feature known as “AutoComplete” that saves these search terms.

A majority of web browsers that include Firefox and Internet Explorer use AutoComplete to help users conduct web searches and fill out various online forms. When the AutoComplete is turned on, the browser tracks various data that you have typed recently like the website URLs, search queries and form data. With such data that’s saved, the browser tries to foresee what you are typing and makes you job easier by offering probable matches. So, when you start typing a search phrase in the Google search box, a drop down list of formerly searched terms come into view. However, the storage of such information by your browser could be a potential threat to your privacy as your spouse, boss, kids or even a hacker can misuse such information or embarrass you in public. To protect your online privacy, you should clear Google search history so that your browsing habits are not compromised.

If you want to clear Google search history (often called AutoComplete history) manually, you need to carry out the following steps:

For Internet Explorer 7:

After opening the Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu and choose Internet Options from there. Next, select the tab marked General. Select the “Delete” option under the Browser History. For form data, pick “Delete forms” and click on the button marked “Yes.”

For Internet Explorer 6:

After you open the Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu and select Internet Options from there. After that, choose the tab marked “Content”. Under Personal Information, you will find Autocomplete that you need to select. Finally, choose “Clear Forms” and hit the button labeled “Yes”.

For Firefox:

After opening the Firefox browser, go to the Tools menu and select Options from there. Next, select the tab marked Privacy and click “Clear now”. Check the box having the label “Saved Form and Search History”. Finally, click “Clear Private Data Now” to erase your Google search history.

Remember that not clearing the Google search history each time after you have browsed the Internet may jeopardize your reputation, family ties, job, or even identity. You privacy could be at risk if such sensitive information and data lay stored into your PC. This is especially a dangerous situation when the computer that you use is also used by your spouse, kids, boss, friends or colleagues. As these people may chance upon such confidential data that relate to your browsing habits, you may find yourself in uncomfortable situations. So, why take chances? Clear Google search history every time you surf the Internet to safeguard your privacy and make sure that no one has access to your browsing habits.

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