Bridge the gap between operational reporting and strategic analytics

Bridge the gap between operational reporting and strategic analytics

Accessing and understanding your data is challenging
Despite the volumes of data generated by modern enterprise applications, many organizations still find themselves in the dark when analyzing their data. That’s because accessing and making sense of your data is a time-consuming and expensive process – one usually managed by IT.

One of the key drivers for improving business analytics is the ability to unlock insights from the data behind core business processes in order to enable data-driven decision-making. However, the complex data models of ERP platforms like SAP and Oracle are not easy to manage or extract business insights from. Relying on in-house tools or traditional BI solutions typically result in complex development projects and reporting that is not up to date, impeding data-driven decision-making and real-time insights.

Self-service insights drive better business decisions
Retrieving data from your ERP system is only the first step in delivering insights to your enterprise. It is important to simplify the complexity of your ERP platform leveraging a business data model translates complex data schema into business-friendly language. Magnitude Angles is built on a context-rich business data model that extracts, translates and enriches SAP or Oracle ERP data and presents it through a library of user-friendly, customizable pre-built templates for reports and analytical dashboards. Angles is built on decades of experience working with Global 2,000 enterprises, providing a business-centric experience that allows business users to immediately gain visibility into core business processes across the enterprise, from manufacturing to distribution and finance.

Unlock the insights in your ERP data
We examine the relationship between operational reporting and strategic analytics, and how they work together to help organizations see more quickly and act more decisively by unlocking insights across the core business processes managed within their SAP and Oracle ERP systems.

Key topics:

Understand why taking advantage of reporting and analytics tools and implementing BI in the traditional manner requires a near-constant involvement from the IT staff.
Discuss how modern BI shifts the focus away from IT and offers mainstream tools with self-service access and flexibility so that business users can produce reports and analysis on the fly.
Review how Magnitude Angles provides analytical power that enables your team to analyze, combine and interrogate information from across the value chain, because it understands not just the business data in your ERP system, but your system’s unique customizations

Magnitude can guide you to successfully bridge the gap between operational reporting and strategic analytics, based on your current ERP system. Learn more.

Magnitude Angles  transforms and enhances your organization’s SAP or Oracle data, delivering actionable, self-service business insights across core business processes. It puts the power of prescriptive analytics into the hands of the people who need it most – your business users.