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Article Marketing Traffic – Select The Right Keywords For More Traffic

Looking for more article marketing traffic?

If you’ve tried writing and publishing articles but haven’t seen any substantial results, chances are that you have not selected the right keywords and keyword phrases for your articles.

Selecting the “right” keywords is what truly separates effective article marketing from just writing. One will get you traffic and prospects to your website – the other just takes up a little space on the web.

So how do you make sure you select the right keywords? Easy.

1. Think of selecting keywords as choosing words that you would use to search for your topic online. In fact, you may even have to go through the action of searching for information in your marketplace using your search box to get a feel for what I’m saying. This is why… In your head you might be thinking of an eloquent way to write a title for article, when really you need to select keywords and craft titles around those keywords that people actually use.

2. Take a look at the latest search results in your niche using some sort of keyword research tool. There are several free and paid options out there – but Google’s free keyword search tool will do a fine job. Try to look for keyword phrases that are at least two words and up. The longer your keyword phrases (long-tail keywords), the better chances are for your articles to be ranked well.

Let me give an example of both of these. If I were to do a Google search for finding out information on what to do with my rose bushes over the winter. I may search for:

  1. “winterize rose bushes”
  2. “how to winterize rose bushes”
  3. “how to take care of roses over winter

These are long-tail keyword phrases that real people would actually type in to look for this type of information. It’s important that you LEARN what important keywords and keyword phrases are searched for in your niche and for optimal article marketing traffic, it’s essential that you know how to place them within your article…

3. Once you’ve identified your keywords and keyword phrases, then you need to strategically place them throughout your article for optimal traffic. There is no magic formula for this to work, and when people search for exact formulas I find that they end up stuffing their articles with keywords by mistake. So this is what I recommend:

  • Add your keyword to your title
  • Add your keyword phrase AND another related keyword phrase several times throughout your article.
  • Add your keyword at the end of your article.

When you implement these strategies, you will be adding keyword rich phrases naturally to your articles that will do very well in the search engines (depending on the level of competition in your niche).

* Bonus Tip – To maximize article marketing traffic results, write a series of articles around similar long-tail keyword phrases. So using our example above, I would write a set of articles on winterizing rose bushes using each keyword phrase per article. This will help you dominate that particular phrase and give you a better chance of ranking well. (Make sure you link them to each other) Google likes to see articles on “related” topics.

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