AI and Chats on Online Casinos: The Roots of Communication

AI and Chats on Online Casinos: The Roots of Communication

Let’s have a look at how AI and chats are shaping online casinos
Online Casinos have been around for more than fifteen years, but the growth has been skyrocketed by the implementation of the Internet in almost all of our devices. From phones and tablets to even TV’s. It’s simple, the more terminals you can be present, the bigger the audience.

It’s a godsend to be able to play your favorite online casino games from your phone when you commute to work or just lying on the couch. This came by the hand of secure payment to allow the more skeptical and fearful to feel comfortable with typing their credit cards onto websites. As it happens with all big new things, it takes time for people to get used to and enjoy.

Now, if you consider that players’ base has grown exponentially over the years, so does customer service requests, questions, and even issues. Combine this with a 24/7 online service, you will definitely get a lot of questions. A lot! All these questions and support requests are, of course, valid. All clients are important for all businesses, and online casinos are not different.

Now, while it’s great to be able to play your favorite games chilling at home, sometimes you either need help to overcome an obstacle on the site, or even further, you just want to enrich your experience further by chatting with other players.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is something we are hearing more and more. They are way more advanced than we thought. We started hearing about them in the ’80s but mostly in movies and with a negative connotation. Fortunately, the ones we will discuss in this article were not conceived to take over the world but to make it a better place. There are even therapy chatbots that might help you if you find yourself alone in a stressful situation.

Online casinos are starting to implement chatbots for customer service requests. Companies have been seeing many benefits from this type of technology. There are companies dedicated to pre-load information into chatbots and the rest is tailored to the line of business they will service. You can compare this with hiring an employee that has basic studies from a university and then the company trains him/her for a specific job.

What’s great about chatbots is that they can break language barriers easily. They can be fed with multiple languages and idiomatic terms that a person might take years to learn if he or she is not a native speaker. Chatbots also can be taught all game rules and they can politely explain to players the steps they are not fully understanding.

Another key feature is that, as a regular person would, chatbots learn from their experience so the more interactions they have with human players, the more efficient they get. If you combine this with the fact that they can help more than one player at a time, these chatbots become fully operational and coherent in no time.

From an attendance standpoint, they are flawless. They are very stable so they won’t miss a day at work as a human would, plus they have no ambitions, real-life problems, sick days, or bad temper so their behavior is not affected by angry customers.

While there will always be the need for a human being at some point, chatbots will take care of the most basic issues or questions players may have in a casino environment, leaving humans for more rewarding and complicated tasks which will make flesh employees feel more important to the company.


Game chat

Another key feature in an online casino is in-game chat. Some players prefer to play online casinos instead of going to a land casino because of the ease of access, the lack of planning, and the fact that you can play from wherever you are with devices you already have. That said, sometimes human interaction is missed so when technology allowed it game chats were added. This gave games like blackjack or Baccarat an extra layer of depth.

Some online casinos even have live croupiers to make it more realistic. They pretty much set a camera on the table and insert microchips into the cards. The smart table can understand which cards are being played and transmit the information on to player’s screen creating a very realistic and convincing atmosphere.

Fortunately, with these features, the warmth and fun of visiting a land casino is very well represented so you can laugh and chitchat with your fellow players and even play with your real-life friends if they are available.

This could have not been possible without the internet connection we have these days, combined with the quality of cameras and screens that current devices can use to send and receive information.


Online casinos feel more real than ever. With the aid of chatbots, you can resolve your questions and issues faster than ever. These silent employees will use the experience acquired from other players around the world and use it to help you, in your language and in a very polite way. And if they can’t, they will be more than happy to put you in contact with a real human that will be glad to assist you the way you deserve.

With chatbots working as a filter between players and human employees when the time comes to be assisted by a person, staff members will not be as burned out as they would, have they been taking hundreds of calls before yours.

Also, let’s not lose focus on human interaction. While players want to play comfortably from devices they are already familiar with, they still want to interact with people.

Interacting with others enriches us as human beings. We will still learn from ours and others experience. We will still love to make people laugh and we really need to share our excitement when winning. Chatbots can learn to service us faster than light, but they will never learn to have fun, to laugh, and to be excited about someone winning a jackpot.