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Accugas AGA EFM Calculator

ACCUGAS is a flow calculator for verifying electronic flow measurement (EFM) results. It computes gas volumetric, mass and energy flow from orifice meters, precision tube v-cone meters, wafer cone meters and turbine meters. It references AGA-3, AGA-8 and AGA-7 reports and McCrometer published technical papers in its calculation.

ACCUGAS is a .Net based program and is compatible with .Net framework 2.0 and newer. Most of the current windows based computers should be able to install and run the program. The minimum hardware requirement is 400MHz CPU, 96MB memory and 300MB free volume in Hard drive. The windows operating system (OS) that it supports are windows 2000 pro SP4 and newer. Microsoft .Net framework 2.0 is a must and it can be downloaded and installed at no cost through Microsoft website.

ACCUGAS includes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for easier data access and a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that does all the calculation. Basically the GUI parts handles the user interactions like, data input, result verifcation, program licensing, etc. The program is designed to be capable of doing calculation without the GUI once the program is licensed. In other words, the dll is callable to other applications, such as Microsoft Excel Macro (VBA), or Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual C# applications. This feature gives some advances users more flexibilities and sometimes becomes the preference over the built-in GUI.

The current version of the ACCUGAS program is 1.20. It supports latitude and elevation compensation, downstream or upstream tap locations, imperial, metric unit auto conversion and heating value calculation. AGA-3, AGA-8, AGA-7 and V-Cone intermediate results display.

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