4 Overlooked Tools and Tips for Multi-Contributor Blogs

4 Overlooked Tools and Tips for Multi-Contributor Blogs

WEEKENDFor the past five years I have been managing the Blogging4Jobs community recognized as the #1 HR & Recruiting blog on the Internet according to Forbes. In that time we’ve been able to grow the regular contributors from three to over twenty-five while tripling the number of blog posts that happen daily.

Managing a community this size can be hard work and learning to manage a multi-contributor blog isn’t for the faint at heart. You’re constantly dealing with contributors forgetting to submit their blogs on time, sometimes never, and having to quickly come up with content in order to keep the blog running smoothly.

During these past five years I have come across tools that have helped me personally in managing a blog and taking Blogging4Jobs to where it is today. Managing a multi-contributor blog is as easy as you make it. Using your time wisely and the tools available will make your job so much easier. Here are some tools and tips I have come up with over managing the blog for the past five years. Hopefully they’ll make your life a whole lot easier and allow your blog to grow.

1. Good Analytics

You’re probably like…duh. I don’t mean looking at Google Analytics and seeing the content on your site that gets the most views. I am looking at posts that have gone viral and why they’re going viral. Most people use a ‘share plug-in’ as a way for their readership to promote their blogs, but I like to go one step further. We currently use the share plug-in Po.st and it’s seriously one of the best tools we’ve installed on the blog. It allows us to look at content and see specific analytics such as share/click ratios and an overall dashboard that goes one step further from Google Analytics.

The reason this tool is so helpful is because it allows us to shape the content we’re posting on the blog based on what people are actually clicking on from different social networks. It also helps us create a strategy based on which networks people are clicking our links more. For instance, we’ve noticed an overwhelming trend in people clicking on our links when posted on Twitter about 300% more times often then they are Facebook and even more when looking at Google+ and LinkedIn. This tool will allow you to see where you should focus your efforts when it comes to advertising and displaying your content.

2. WordPress Editorial Calendar

This is the simplest tool and WordPress plug-in that I use, but is one of the most helpful. Scheduling content is the name of the game when you have as many contributors as we do at Blogging4Jobs. Without this tool I wouldn’t be able to get a snapshot of what’s being published throughout the week and the various gaps that need to be filled with guest contributions or sponsored posts.


3. Creating Value for Bloggers

Blogging4Jobs has created a unique value proposition for those who blog on our site. As we work with a lot of vendors in the space we’re always asked for recommendations of those who would like to take up paid blogging, speakers on webinars to be recognized as a expert in the field, and other value points for those who blog for us. As a multi-contributor blog it’s difficult to pay 20-25 different bloggers per month, but what we do offer is value in other forms. We like to think of Blogging4Jobs has an avenue to get their name out there and as a way to boost their professional network by showcasing their knowledge.
We’ve had several success stories including our bloggers getting new jobs and promotions based on the content that’s published and the platform that they’re able to publish it on.

4. Try mxHero

This tool is extremely helpful for those who are managing multi-contributor blogs. We’ve set up a system where blogs are generally due at the same time in order to have an overall picture of the content that’s being distributed throughout the week. mxHero allows me to send out pre-determined emails reminding our contributors that the blogs are due. This might sound simple, but when you have 15-20 blogs going out each week it’s important that these busy professionals are being reminded. It also allows me the freedom to not have to email every blogger every week, because ain’t nobody got time for that.

What tools and tips have you come across that helps when managing a blog with multiple contributors? I don’t have all the secrets and would love to know yours!

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