11 Creative Brands using Twitter’s GIF Feature

11 Creative Brands using Twitter’s GIF Feature

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 2.39.11 PMIn a move that will forever animate your Twitter feeds – GIFs have finally arrived on Twitter. Announced today by the @Support team, native uploading of GIFs is now accessible via the Twitter website and also iOS and Android mobile apps.

This isn’t the first time GIFs have come to Twitter though. While technically unsupported, for years we all knew that rando who had a GIF as their avatar, and later they were semi-officially supported through Twitter Cards from providers like Giphy and Storify. However today is the first time you can publish natively.

You can watch a GIF in your timeline by simply clicking a play button that shows up over top of them. GIFs, unlike Vines from Twitter’s own Vine App, will not play automatically in your feed. Clicking on a GIF’s link will open up the card for that individual tweet, playing the GIF automatically.

GIFs are already more than popular on Tumblr, and Pinterest also offers support for uploading these animated clips. It won’t be long before we start to see GIFs in promoted tweets, and sure enough brands are already experimenting with the new feature, as you can see below from the first 11 brands we noticed:

1. About.com

2. Absolut Vodka


3. Denny’s Diner

4. Victoria’s Secret


5. Hamburger Helper

6. Samsung Mobile


7. IBM

8. GE


9. Ritz Crackers

10. TV Land


11. House of Cards

Bonus Brands:






What other brands have you seen posting GIFs so far? Leave your favorites (or your brand’s) in the comments below.

UPDATE: Looks like Wendy’s is already promoting their first GIF-enhanced Tweet on Twitter (and it’s an awesome endless loop).

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