11 Creative Brands Using Instagram’s Hyperlapse App

11 Creative Brands Using Instagram’s Hyperlapse App

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This week Instagram released Hyperlapse, a standalone app that enables users to shoot create moving, handheld time lapses with enhanced video stabilization. Instagram has always built its company on top of producing, publishing and sharing great visual content, and their new app adds another tool to the Instagrammer’s tool belt for shooting awesome videos.

Can you use professional video cameras and shoot amazing timelapse videos that way? Sure you can. But I think the great thing about Hyperlapse is that it’s still an app anchored in your your phone, so that element of simplicity and authenticity (but also so much flex room for creativity) definitely can stay present when attempting to shoot videos.

To calculate the length of the video you’d have to shoot at the speed you might want to share on a social network, multiply the speed multiplier by 15 seconds (or 6 seconds if you wanted to use your Hyperlapse videos on Vine). This will ensure that you can create that perfect chunk of video you can edit for social.

For 15 Second Instagram Videos:

  • 1x = 15 seconds
  • 2x = 30 seconds
  • 4x = 60 seconds
  • 6x = 90 seconds
  • 8x = 120 seconds
  • 10x = 150 seconds
  • 12x = 180 seconds

For 6 Second Vines:

  • 1x = 6 seconds
  • 2x = 12 seconds
  • 4x = 24 seconds
  • 6x = 36 seconds
  • 8x = 48 seconds
  • 10x = 60 seconds
  • 12x = 120 seconds

When these feature releases drop, it’s always a fun day for social creatives. New toys mean you can not only stand out as a brand, but fit in with your general Instagram audience who is probably experimenting with new features as well.

I scanned through nearly 1000 Instagram brand pages, here are 11 brands who have already gotten in on the action of a handheld Hyperlapse:


What’s more iconic about Disney Theme Parks than the Teacups. They spin round, and around, and around some more…so what better idea than to throw that into Hyperlapse?


Always up for a good show, the WWE ran a goofy little vaudeville style skit with two of their superstars.


Having just wrapped up their Mini Delivery campaign, Oreo took advantage of content created by their own community who did the work for them really. Check out this great Hyperlapse video of a fan in California unboxing her mini package.

Honestly, this is my favorite brand-related Hyperlapse, and it’s not even created by the brand.

Taco Bell

Hit the road for the fastest Taco Bell run ever. If only the drive thru were this fast in real life. Hypertacos for all.

Foot Locker

Shoe pictures, no matter if they’re Jordans, Converse or Louboutin Red Bottoms, always look cool on Instagram. So why not a hyperlapse video of lacing up a fresh pair?

Personally, I’d like to see some Hyperlapse videos of the more complex lacing styles that are out here, people get really creative with the lacing, so that’d make for some cool shots.

(Seriously, can someone send us a pair of those super Social Fresh Orange Kobe IX kicks and socks?)

Arizona Ice Tea

I mean this is probably just a typical day for the folks at Arizona, they have a pretty fun brand overall and I can just see them sitting around the table saying: “Why not chug $10 worth of ice tea in all our flavors?”

Show off the product? Check. Have some fun? Check. Get some press in a blog post for experimenting? Check.


Fast, luxurious car meets the Hyperlapse on a closed course. #HeyKidsDontTryThisAtHome pretty much sums up.

Dr. Pepper

Something about watching a time lapse video of building something fascinates me. This Dr. Pepper pyramid makes me wonder how long before Lego starts releasing some really awesome Hyperlapse videos.

The North Face

The North Face used this chance to create some fun content around one of the events they’re sponsoring. They had a nice shot tracking the registration line at the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, a high altitude mountain race taking place in the Alps.

Bud Light

The best and worst feelings of summer captured in 15 seconds.

JC Penney

The folks at JC Penny followed Youtube Personality and Pop Artist Becky G around their shoot for a new Arizona Clothing spot. Honestly Hyperlapse is easy to shoot you could probably do it with mittens on!


Here’s mine – I really wanted to see a sped up watch so I shot my own.

Double Bonus – The White House

The White House also showed off a nice Hyperlapse tour of one of the most influential buildings in the world.

Honestly, if there was ever a time to invest in cool lenses that snap on your phone, this is it.

What is your brand doing with Hyperlapse? Post yours or your favorite Hyperlapse Instagrams in the comments below.

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